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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A True Story: A Family Affair

Here are a few snapshots of families with auditory processing problems:
Family 1. Mom has ADHD, talks loudly and quickly (probably to cover up uncomfortable background noise). The daughter has ADD, one son has autism, and a third child has pervasive developmental delay. All did well with AIT.
Family 2. Mom whispers (probably because her own voice hurts her ears), the oldest daughter panics when she's in a room with too many children (probably because she's hypersensitive to the frequencies voices are on), the son "mumbles," which is really a problem where he hears things improperly and therefore repeats it improperly.
Family 3. Dad is hypersensitive to "mouth noises," Mom gets irritable when there are more than 2 people talking simultaneously, and daughter has difficulty hearing foreground speech from amongst the background noise.

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