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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Auditory processing problems are hereditary

We all are delighted when we see our best traits appear in our children. Our artistic eye, our keen intellect, our love of music... But sometimes, we pass on things we don't like. Our "unibrow," our tendency to be too skinny or too fat, or our poor math sense. Sensory issues fall into the 2nd category of things we wish we didn't pass on but did.

You may have started reading this website for your child, but discovered that you have a lot of the symptoms described in the checklist, too. Or maybe you've finally figured out why your spouse complains that you're talking too loud.

This also explains why it's not unusual for more than one child in your family to have similar problems, such as a daughter with ADD and a son with ADHD.

I can treat two family members simultaneously, and do so at a significant discount, so that you don't have to pick which one receives treatment first, which one needs it more -- a question you shouldn't have to ask!

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