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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Protecting your ears, before, during, & after AIT

Your hearing is precious! You should always do everything you can to protect it! Especially after AIT, you should be protecting the investment you made in your hearing. Following these simple rules will ensure that your ears are not faced with unnecessary auditory assaults.
  • Do not use headphones for any reason other than therapeutic treatments (e.g., audiogrammes, additional listening therapies). Headphones feed the sound directly into your ear without any air operating as a buffer. This means the sound waves are more intense as they hit your ear drum. This can damage your hearing over time.
  • Do not view fireworks without protection (e.g., ear plugs).
  • Do not expose yourself to sustained loud noises (e.g., rock concerts, construction sites, etc.)
  • If something is loud and hurts your ears (such as a passing ambulance), protect yourself by covering your ears!

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