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Monday, August 6, 2007

My daughter gets "topped up"

This is my daughter, Rivka. She's just started her 3rd AIT treatment. She loves doing it, and has been badgering me for the past 6 months to do it again! I had to explain to her (many times) that it's not safe to do it too quickly after the last session, she'd have to wait for summer.
She's delighted to be back in headphones, dancing to the music, and this year she has many more ballet moves under her belt, so it's a joy to watch her perform as she listens! Riv's wearing a headband, so if she gets a bit TOO into her dance routine and tosses her head, the headphones will stay on, no problem!
Last night, after a bit of dance, she coloured for a while. Tonight, though, when she got bored of dancing, she practiced writing Hebrew. I think she's eager to start back to school!
While listening to the music, you can do whatever you want to pass the time, with the exception of eating crunchy food, drinking, or reading. Reading is a no-no because many people with auditory processing disorders have learned to shut out all noise when focusing on reading, and this is counter-productive to actively listening to the music. Crunchy food interferes with the listening, and drinking is simply too high a risk to the equipment!
You can see the AIT equipment in the background. Nothing too scary!


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